End-to-End eCommerce and ERP Software for Wine & Spirits

For wineries, vineyards and drinks manufacturers


Maginus, a Naveo Commerce company, has been a trusted supplier to Wine Merchants and Drinks Distributors for more than 20 years. We have a portfolio of success stories plotting how our customers have grown and evolved utilising our solutions to scale their business, become multi-channel, gone direct and efficiently managed the ever-changing complexities of the Wine and Spirits market.


Like a Fine Wine, our solution gets better with age

Our 20 year heritage in ERP for wine and drinks means we’ve built up a feature-rich solution over time - that simply gets better with age. Our clients enjoy all the latest features, upgrades along with customised enhancements. In a nutshell, we have the experience, tools and ‘know-how’ to get you online in a matter of months - and get your products efficiently from A to B without a hitch. We’ve  been there and done it all before – for businesses just like you.

This diagram highlights the features within our order management solution, powered by Naveo OMS:

Rotation Management

Naveo gives you the ability to control all aspects of rotation management, including duty paid and under bond sales, incorporating cost uplifts when moving stock from bond.

En Primeur

Naveo maintains a complete picture of producers’ allocations, so that your staff can sell and take orders with confidence for wine that’s in stock now, and in the future, without fear of causing stock-out issues.

Client Reserves

Surprise and delight your customers by reserving stock on behalf on your customers or distribution channels, thus providing them with a priority VIP service for limited or exclusive stock.


Our solution allows you to sell on behalf of customers or third parties using our comprehensive broking and customer cellaring facilities. You can buy parcels of wine from a 3rd party for resale or trade wines between one customer’s reserve and another.

Duty, Tax and HMC&E Reporting

Naveo OMS does the hard work for you by managing the current rate of customs duty paid and excise duty added to the cost of a bottle of wine based on alcohol type, ABV%, and the use of bonded or duty paid locations.

Unit Measures

Naveo supports a plethora of unit measures for each product you carry, making it easy to handle the complexities of cases, bottles, magnums, and miniatures. You can break bulk, split cases and buy, sell and price in completely different units with ease.

Just a few of the wine and spirits merchants we've worked with

Single view of the Customer

Our solution presents a single view of the customer, catalogue and every touch point in between. See your entire purchase history with suppliers and see what you have in each stock location, whether that’s in bond, under-bond, at your own warehouse or with a third party provider.

Sales, Marketing & CRM

Naveo OMS helps drinks retailers and distributors maximise revenue by providing in-depth sales, marketing and CRM capabilities that are fully integrated with back-office logistics, supply chain, financials and reporting processes.

Fast Fulfilment

Our solution helps you to meet the demands of today’s customer with next day and same-day delivery, click and collect, multiple delivery addresses, drop shipments from multiple suppliers. All “must haves” for today’s ever-demanding consumers.

Our End-to-End eCommerce Solution for Wines & Spirits

Our End-to-End solution gives Wine Merchants and Drinks manufacturers everything they need to grow a successful online business and scale fulfillment capacity, profitably, in one integrated solution. Download this data sheet to explore the features and benefits of our solution for Wine and Spirits.

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