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B2B Ecommerce Report: Key Findings with Jonathan Wright at Internet Retailing

As the whole world is seemingly going online, what will this mean for B2B manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and consumers? The rise of Omnichannel and multichannel are often terms associated with the retail sector, but as B2B businesses are beginning to explore the possibilities of digitally enabled business, what will Omnichannel B2B look like?

B2B companies that once sold through retailers have increasingly begun to sell directly via digital channels as a way to both increase revenue and meet growing customer expectations. On the flip side, retailers have started to target the B2B sector through initiatives such as B&Q TradePoint and AmazonSupply.

In this video, Jonathan Wright, Research Editor from Internet Retailing reveals the key findings from their Internet Retailing’s B2B Research Survey (co-sponsored by Maginus).


Key Findings from Internet Retailing's B2B Research Report

What will be covered?

The B2B Research survey was the result of a mixture of long-form interviews and an online survey to gain insights from B2B companies with the aim of providing an oversight into how the B2B and B2C sectors will evolve, in conjunction with strategic and practical insight into:


  • How to help consumers who wish to connect more directly with suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Approaches to overcome the inevitable tension between cooperation and competition between partners.
  • As retailers, wholesalers, brands and manufacturers all chase sales — is it possible to manage relationships here in ways that grow the overall sales pie and benefit different parties?
  • How to manage and improve the day-to-day working relationship between suppliers and retailers.
  • What can the B2B sector learn from the B2C sector — and vice versa?
  • What are the most urgent challenges facing B2B businesses?




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