3 Minutes with Episerver

See how Episerver can help you understand the customer journey and deliver rewarding online experiences for the connected consumer.


Key Takeaways

  • How to delivers a customer focused digital experience
  • How a customers experience can be optimised
  • How to provide a simpler customer journey



The customer journey is becoming more complex, the connected consumer is looking for information quickly and easily but their visit to your site starts a sequence of events that you need to understand.

The best companies in the world are relentlessly focused on customer experience, Episerver provides a set of tools to help you create, manage and deliver a digital experience that focuses on your customer.

Personalised experiences use data about the visitors behavior to present the most relevant experience. For example a visitor from a certain industry segment might find case studies from that same segment very relevant to their needs, or a consumer with a smartphone might be presented an offer that's relevant to them because they're standing in front of a particular store.

An optimized experience helps a customer move through that journey quickly and efficiently the Episerver system learns and adapts based on those visitors needs and presents the right information for the situation they're in.

The connected consumer has many touch points- smartphones, tablets, social networks or email. The Episerver system allows you to create the right sort of experience for each of those channels so that customer can move through the journey in the way that's best for them. More importantly the Episerver solution allows you to track and understand that visitors behavior across all the touchpoints.

Companies collect a lot of data about their visitors experience online but with the Episerver solution we build beyond Big Data and provide you insights. You can use our dashboard to better understand and optimise, and proactively adapt for a better customer experience for a simpler customer journey.

Episerver has been around since the beginning of the internet and during that time we've helped thousands of businesses and organisations achieve great experiences on tens of thousands of sites. Our difference is simple we have a single-minded focus on helping you create great experiences for the person that matters the most- your customer.



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