B2B Ecommerce Made Easy

Discover how B2B Security products company, ERA Everywhere, improved customer service through a new online channel:


Key Takeaways

  • ERA Business Overview
  • B2B Ecommerce Challenges
  • Benefits of Going Online
  • How Maginus helped


Video Transcript

ERA is a designer and manufacturer of a wide range of domestic security products. We've got six sites in the UK and employ just over 300 people.

ERA has been in the business of making locks for almost 180 years we have over 12,000 mechanical security products and today we're in the business of total security.

Total security for your home now means more than just the locks on your windows locks on your doors it means the whole home needs to be secure and we've recently moved more into smart-ware, so smart home alarms - and also the latest in smart locking technology for example our touch key product and also our door cam Wi-Fi doorbell.

I think one of the biggest challenges that we have is exposing our full product portfolio to the customer - they are very traditional in the way they do things: Writing orders on paper and faxing them I'd say something about 80% of our orders come through that way which really is incredible given that we're in 2017. So, the Ecommerce channel allows us to put all of our 12,000 products online, all in one place.

Now - because we've got that online catalog it's an opportunity for every customer to explore the range, explore the portfolio - and see what else we've got that could contribute to their business. It's this kind of work that we need to do more of in order to make sure customers always choose ERA over the competition.

As predominantly a B2B business we really wanted to work with a specialist B2B partner and that was something that came through loud and clear within Maginus’ credentials presentation.

You know there's a lot of complexity around our data, we've got a lot of products - a lot of technical information - that needs to live with those products. So we've had to take that and implement it all in a nice easy way that we can manage - Maginus have sort of helped us all the way through that.

We get the answers straight away when there's any issues. The support is really good as well.

Plus of course their status as an Episerver partner meant that they were going to be the best people to do the job on our behalf.

The reason we chose Episerver was because we've got a very large and complicated product range and we knew that we needed a platform that could handle a high number of products and also a lot of complexity. We also wanted to have a lot of capability within the CMS to adapt and change the way in those products were presented depending on different customer types, different seasons, and also evolution and change within our range as we innovate.

I think it's just about the flexibility really, and for us to manage it rather than constantly rely on Maginus to do little bits here and little bits there. The Episerver platform has really brought out the team's creativity they've been able to react quickly by manipulating banners according to trade shows that we might be doing or current product promotions so it's really helping them to do their jobs even more effectively.

So, offering Ecommerce for ERA has provided them access to all of our data sheets, our fitting instructions, and also our promotional elements. So, it's helping them to help sell our products, and obviously that benefits their business as well as ours.

Maginus are a great bunch of people, always there to help us if we need any advice or any solutions to any problems that we have.

We plan to work with Maginus into the future in order to keep growing our platform and improving our platform - so that can offer our customers the best possible Ecommerce experience that that it can.



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