Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study: Episerver

Amanda Mulquiney-Birbeck
Amanda Mulquiney-BirbeckDigital Marketing Manager
27 Jun 2018


Forrester’s new Total Economic Impact Study provides an independent and rigorous cost and benefit analysis of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud running on Microsoft Azure.  

Following a thorough six month study that includes interviews with customers, analysts and other key stakeholders positioning Episerver way ahead of the competition. Forrester concludes that Episerver provides customers with a 443% return on investment over three years with a break-even point of less than 6 months.

The study includes an overview of how Episerver customers:

  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by reducing manual content management.
  • Use the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud on Microsoft Azure to reduce costs and improve performance.
  • Increase revenue by delivering personalised content based on real-time and historical behaviour.


“The best cloud services pay for themselves and then some. What the Forrester TEI affords is a meticulous process to clearly and unbiasedly prove the results the average Digital Experience Cloud customer is generating in both the short and long term. The findings unequivocally verify that Episerver makes companies incredibly more valuable and their staff decidedly more productive.”


The report demonstrates the significant Return on Investment that Episerver customers can realise with Digital Experience Cloud:

  • 443% over three years with a break-even point of less than 6 months
  • Content management effort reduction savings: $1.1 million
  • Episerver on Microsoft Azure savings over on-premises: $875k


To download your copy of the report, click here to visit Episerver’s website.



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