Supporting Growth from £30m to £380m

Supporting the growth of the UK's leading catering equipment provider with a scalable solution to support growth across multiple channels, nationally and internationally.


In 2002 Nisbets implemented Maginus OMS to manage its business processes, trading across multiple sales channels including the web, mail order and via resellers. After 13 years of working with Maginus, Nisbets has now increased its annual turnover to over £380M.

Nisbets continue to use Maginus OMS to manage all of their sales channels including mail order, wholesale, in-store and reseller sides of the business, both in the UK and overseas. Maginus OMS is tightly integrated with Nisbets’ eCommerce site; managing critical business data from across the entire enterprise in a central repository providing visibility of all customer activity across its global operations.

As this growth and diversification continues, Maginus OMS will provide the unified order management system that an ambitious business like Nisbets needs.

Having worked with Maginus for so long Nisbets fully understands the system and its flexibility...The extensive functionality, its ease of use and the partnership we have with the Maginus team has ensured that at every step of our expansion we have felt confident that our requirements will be met. Put simply Maginus OMS is a critical component in our continued success.” - Paul McMahon, MD, Nisbets



Scalability from the Start

Key to the long-standing relationship has been the scalability of Maginus OMS and its capacity to grow and adapt to Nisbets evolving requirements.

Nisbets’ Managing Director Paul McMahon commented: “Maginus has been, and continues to be, pivotal to Nisbet’s expansion, scaling up with the enterprise. As we are constantly expanding into new channels, countries and markets we require solutions that are flexible, support the business growth and enables us to move quickly. With Maginus OMS we can expand with confidence while efficiently managing the entire business.”

Supporting Multichannel, Multinational Growth

Maginus OMS proved to be the perfect solution for Nisbets, as it expanded into new markets and utilised new channels. The multi-channel solution processes and despatches orders and returns, delivers a variety of purchasing options, handles financial processes, and manages stock replenishment.

Product pricing and promotions are handled across all of Nisbet’s sales channels, covering an extensive product range of over 20,000 products.

Maginus ensures that correct pricing and overall stock management is consistent across the entire business.

Meanwhile, its sophisticated warehouse functionality includes packing station capabilities, efficiently handling high volumes of despatches. On a typical day, there are in excess of 7,000 orders to despatch.

The system enables the efficient processing of orders so that those placed by 6pm will be delivered the next day.

Maginus not only handles shipping products direct to customers but also the transfer of order documentation to suppliers for the direct fulfilment (drop shipment) of products that are not stocked in the warehouse. Further down the line still, returns functionality easily processes the relevant documentation and refunds customers if an order is returned within 30 days.

“Maginus OMS’ wide range of functionality provides a solution for a large majority of our business requirements, managing the entire sales and stock process from beginning to end on a single platform. This level of support from Maginus has been a key factor in the longevity of our relationship with Maginus.

The consultative approach has seen our relationship grow beyond that of customer-supplier and into a real partnership.” - Paul McMahon, Managing Director at Nisbets




New Retail Channel Integration

With the opening of 16 new retail stores Nisbets needed to take on an electronic point of sale (EPoS) system. This integrates smoothly with Maginus OMS, ensuring full visibility and stock management across physical as well as digital channels.

Smart Warehousing

Nisbets is justifiably proud of its warehousing operation, ensuring that most orders are picked within 30 minutes of being placed, ready for next-day delivery. Maginus OMS provides an efficient picking and packing process.

Additionally, packing station functionality within Maginus OMS checks each order as it is being packed to ensure that the correct products have been picked, resulting in the number of errors made each month being in single figures.

Maginus OMS is an open system, which has allowed Nisbets to integrate with other specialist solutions, for example custom box production, to improve Pick and Pack times and further reduce the cost of packing.

“The integrated systems give us visibility of what stock we have and its location within the warehouse. When it comes to picking and despatching it’s an efficient process and the system just takes the volume without fail. At the packing stations the picked products are then checked by Maginus for accuracy of orders which improves the process greatly.

As a result we are able to easily keep pace with the demands of our customers and ensure that we deliver a consistently excellent service.” - Paul McMahon, MD at Nisbets

Resellers Managed within the Core System

Nisbets has a community of online partners, each of which sells the Nisbets products under its own name.

Orders from each of these websites are automatically handled by Maginus through to despatch, with all labels and delivery documentation branded as the appropriate reseller.

360 Degree Sales Data

Centralised sales data provides a 360 degree view of both the customer and business operation, ensuring full, real-time visibility and stock management across all channels at all times – as well as providing invaluable insights for marketing and customer service activity.




Consolidated View of International Performance

Although the system is tailored precisely to each locality, it uses the same reporting globally, offering a single unified view of Nisbets’ international performance. This allows for differences in cross-border regulations and legislation such as managing international taxation issues.

The Top Priority: Multichannel Customer Service

A consistently high level of customer care is a key part of Nisbets’ philosophy; the business aims to deal with all customer queries first time. Thanks to the Maginus OMS Call Centre functionality Nisbets have real-time access to a wealth of data on every single customer’s order history.

In the rare event that a query cannot be resolved first time, the system allows Nisbets to easily track the call and a later follow-up.

In turn, this tightly tracked customer communication has allowed Nisbets to build a strong and loyal customer base.

Final Word...

Paul McMahon added: “Having worked with Maginus for so long Nisbets fully understands the system and its flexibility. Indeed, the business is so familiar with Maginus OMS that it can quickly and easily deploy the system itself into each new region. The extensive functionality, its ease of use and the partnership we have with the Maginus team has ensured that at every step of our expansion we have felt confident that our requirements will be met. Put simply Maginus OMS is a critical component in our continued success.”