Meet the team that make it happen

Discover the people behind Maginus

We’ve got a bunch of different stories. A few battle scars along the way. One thing we all have in common is our passion for Ecommerce. Our mission is simple, to make Maginus a mark of excellence.


Moris Chemtov

Global CEO and Board Member

Danny Rippon

Chief Revenue Officer

Rachel Board

Head of HR & Admin

Martin Pickering

Head of SMB Product

Hannah Mitchell

Head of Professional Services - Client Engagement

Tom Williams

Head of Maginus Sales

Stephen Barker-Graham

Head of Professional Services - Delivery

The Board

Black Dragon Capital

Moris Chemtov

Global CEO and Board Member

Irwin Kramer

Chairman of the Board

Steven Kramer

Board Member

Louis Hernandez Jr

Board Member

Samuli Mattila

Board Member

Timothy Greenfield

Board Member