Maginus ERP

Handle your core processes in a tightly integrated system

Why waste time and money trying to configure a generic ERP system to work in your multichannel business when you could have one that is designed specifically for the job? Maginus ERP is a highly functional back office product built specifically for mid-market, multichannel retail and B2B Wholesale distribution. It is developed using scalable, resilient technology and can be delivered on-premise or as a cloud-based application.

Maginus ERP is built purely for mid-market wholesale and retail organisations. B2B and B2C business models sit comfortably together in the one system, from product management, pricing and promotions, through sales order processing and picking through to purchasing, despatch and invoicing. Maginus ERP handles all your core processes including -  sales, marketing, customer relationship management, warehouse management, financial management and reporting - straight "out of the box". When Maginus ERP is used in conjunction with one of our online platforms - EPiServer or Maginus Storefront it provides a complete multichannel retailing platform that enables you to operate and manage all your sales channels from a single hub. From B2B, call centre operations, B2C mail order, integrated eCommerce and retail stores this platform combines them all and gives you a consolidated view of your multichannel business.

Key Benefits:

  • Built for multichannel retail: so its quicker and easier to understand and to implement 
  • Expand easily into new sales channels: use Maginus ERP as a stepping stone to becoming fully multichannel.
  • Take advantage of market opportunities: improve the agility of your business and reduce errors by managing all your sales channels using a common database of product, pricing and customer information
  • Grow your business: achieve growth through increased business process automation without adding additional overheads.
  • Protect your investment in technology: Maginus solutions are designed with longevity in mind so our solutions grow with you as your business grows, avoiding the need for costly replacement projects.
  • Single integrated system: Manage mail order, call centre, e-Commerce, trade counter, field sales and retails store sales in one system so cutting down on re-keying errors and duplication of effort


  • Sales, marketing and CRM: user-friendly tools for customer lifecycle management.
  • Pricing and promotions: support numerous promotional offers across all channels to help maximise up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Supply chain and logistics: rich functionality for small and large-scale operations.
  • Financials and Business Intelligence: best-in-class integrated financial management and Business intelligence to analyse performance and spot trends with integrated reporting and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Flexible Architecture: extend your capabilities as business needs dictate through plug-In modifications without affecting your ability to upgrade.
  • Workflow: automate processes to increase accuracy, reduce manual effort and cost.
  • QuickStart: fast-track implementation of your Maginus solution.
  • Easy to upgrade: with Maginus ERP you can upgrade to new features and technology in a step-by-step approach rather than having to risk disruption with a "big bang"