Working with us

Technology partners you can trust

Whether you’re looking to sell more online, reduce the running costs of ageing back office systems or provide multichannel customer service, when contemplating a technology upgrade, you’re faced with concerns about making the right choices, keeping within budget and minimising disruption. We understand those fears and our goal is to take the stress out of the change.

Maginus has been helping retailers and distributors solve technology challenges for 20 years now. With over 200 successful projects our team of business technology experts has the right blend of knowledge and experience to help you avoid the pitfalls. We offer a different approach based on the following values:

  • integrity – we only make promises that we can keep and we stick to our budgets
  • honesty – we tell you what we really think not just what we think you want to hear
  • focus – we don’t do everything, but what we do is of the highest quality
  • partnership – as opposed to pushy sales tactics
  • vision – strategic long term thinking rather than short term opportunism
  • change – we will challenge your traditions to provide business benefits
  • and plain English – we speak in your language not in acronyms and jargon

We work to understand you before we start talking about solutions. By taking the time up front we can understand exactly what you need and only then do we make recommendations. Our proposal will explain exactly what to expect in terms of scope, process, deliverables, timescales, benefits and cost.

We are so confident of our approach that whatever you sign up to is at a fixed price so you can be absolutely certain there will be no cost overruns. The result? When you sign up with us there are no surprises.