Order Management Software (Maginus OMS)


Maginus OMS (Order Management Software) supports the growth strategy of modern Wholesale and Direct Commerce organisations, providing integrated Call Centre, eCommerce, Order Orchestration and Fulfilment functionality.


Order Management Software from Maginus

Maginus has been a trusted supplier to the Wholesale and Direct Commerce Markets for more than 20 Years. We have a portfolio of success stories plotting how our customers have grown and evolved utilising our order management solution to scale business, become omnichannel, develop B2C and B2B verticals, and reach global markets.


Here's What Some of Our Customers have to Say:

"The Mobile Apps in Maginus OMS are a vital development for the future. It's important going forward that our staff have the flexibility to work on any device, anywhere, any time."
Joe Bromfield IT Manager, International Decorative Surfaces (IDS)
"It's great to see the investment that has been made in Maginus OMS to keep this well-established product ahead of the game. The new suite of apps and web services will really help us to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors."
John Bagshaw Managing Director, International Decorative Surfaces (IDS)
"Maginus OMS is massively flexible when it comes to pricing and easily manages our very complex pricing structure ensuring that we are efficient, accurate and in control."
Joe Bromfield IT Manager, International Decorative Surfaces (IDS)

Omni-channel Customer Service

Maginus OMS provides the perfect platform to enable you to deliver excellence in customer service with capabilities such as next-day delivery, click-and-collect, simple returns and online access to key account information.

It collects orders from all your online channels in real time and combines them with orders entered directly by your call centre and sales reps, processes payments and credit checks automatically and makes them available for picking and shipping in your warehouse and because your data is all stored in one place, you have all the information you need to be able to analyse your sales data and plan more effective marketing campaigns and promotions.


Efficient Order Fulfilment

As well as integrating all sales channels, Maginus OMS provides all the tools you need in order to fulfill your orders efficiently.

It includes warehouse management capabilities that make it possible to simultaneously manage inventory fulfilment processes for direct-to-consumer, wholesale and store replenishment.

To maximise the efficiency, it helps automate fulfillment by offering real-time shipping carrier integration, shipping label printing, and packing slips.

To ensure that you don't lose sales through stock-outs Maginus OMS suggests replenishment orders to your purchasing department to help them efficiently create purchase orders and transmit them to suppliers or transfer stock from distribution centres.


Forrester Research cite 4 key capabilities as the pillars of a modern Order Management Solution (OMS) including: Distributed Order Management, Customer Service, Enterprise Inventory and Fulfilment. Maginus possess a depth of functionality in each of these areas, as you would expect from a solution that has been implemented in over 100 UK businesses.

Key Benefits

Mobile Ready

Maginus OMS is cloud based so it can be accessed from anywhere and it also comes with a suite of mobile apps that are available on a range of devices including smartphones and tablets through to ruggedised HHT and is available on all major platforms including Blackbery, Android, IoS and Windows 8. Our mobile applications cover a range of business transactions that you may want to access on the move, including - order entry and CRM, as well as inventory transaction processing.

Single View of Customers

By truly understanding your customers, which sales channels they use, which products they buy and their true lifetime value you can make your marketing campaigns and promotions better targeted and more effective.

Improved Customer Service

All your order, stock and customer information, from all of your sales channels, is held in one place and available to see. Our call centre screen is designed for maximum efficiency, giving your agents the ability to locate relevant customer, product and stock data fast, so that they can cross-sell and upsell effectively.

Single View of Stock

Take control of your stock to ensure that you always give your customers accurate information, reduce stock outs and increase stock turn. Give everyone within your organisation access to stock status at a glance so they can make accurate promises to customers.

Procurement Efficiency

See your entire purchase history with suppliers and know precisely what you have in stock, what’s due in and when. Maginus OMS looks at stock availability, allocations and how fast you are selling to make replenishment suggestions to speed up procurement and avoid stock-outs.

Real Time Insight to Effectively Run Your Business

Integrated accounting software gives you real-time revenue and profit analysis. Our clear, easy-to-access reports show you where you’re making money (and where you aren’t) by SKU, channel and customer.

Efficient Logistics Across Channels

Because all of your sales channels are integrated into one system, Maginus OMS lets you plan at a business and product category level rather than in channel silos. It helps you ship your orders faster and more accurately; improving customer service and reducing returns.

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