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From tracking then stocking the latest fashion trends to anticipating seasonal shopping habits and from offering a fast delivery and returns service to efficiently segmenting your customer base- running your fashion and apparel business can be challenging. But Maginus has the solutions to address these challenges – and more.

Fashion and apparel wholesalers and retailers face a range of challenges:

  • Stocking and managing a wide range of products that respond to changes in both fashion trends and seasonality, ensuring that enough items are carried to meet demand but not so many that they are left over out of season

  • Managing an appropriate range of sizes, colours, styles and personalisation options for each product

  • Dealing with non-seasonal peaks in demand when, for example, a celebrity is photographed wearing a particular garment

  • Offering a smooth and speedy delivery and returns service, bearing in mind that customers often order the same item in multiple sizes with the express intention of returning some items

  • Segmenting customers according to factors like gender, age, location and style, in order to offer targeted promotions and styling suggestions

  • Ensuring an effective mobile sales process that, where appropriate, is linked with social media

Fashion and Apparel Customer Stories


Fortnum & Mason


Cath Kidston


French Connection


Ernest Jones







Fashion and apparel customers we've worked with:

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