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From complex pricing models to offering products in a wide range of unit measurements and from selling to a wide spectrum of customers to tracking product serial codes - running your building supply and plumbing merchants can be challenging. But Maginus has the solutions to address these challenges – and more.

Builders & Plumbers Merchants face a range of challenges...

The key to success of your sales campaigns is to ensure your product managers are able to engage with your customers using consistent, rich product and digital content across every touchpoint. We can help you overcome the following challenges:

  • Complex pricing models including managing and delivering multiple product brands each with their own pricing bands specific to a customer base of thousands

  • Stocking, managing and delivering products in a wide range of units of measurement

  • Managing and ensuring quality control

  • Rebate tracking and vendor price support

  • Accurate cost and sales forecasting analysis

  • Quote Management with a central price list and product information 

  • Efficiently selling to single consumers, small businesses and large business on a local, regional and national scale while ensuring each customer profile receives the purchasing journey they require

  • Tracking product serial codes against existing customer purchases

  • Providing product compatibility advice according to dimension, weight and size

  • The capacity to correctly deliver orders to multiple drop offs and home addresses, often over long distances

  • Ensuring efficient warehousing layouts capable of effectively managing returns

  • Developing an online presence in order to remain competitive and visible to the market

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