Multichannel Retail

Modern consumers demand a consistent shopping experience across all channels in return for their business and loyalty. Using our technology and experience we can help you implement a multichannel retail model to match their expectations.

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Multichannel Distribution

Many distributors are turning to technology to better manage costs, improve efficiency and increase margins. This is where we can help - we offer industry specific business solutions, built on years of experience and a clear understanding of how to overcome B2B challenges.

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Enterprise eCommerce

We develop world-class eCommerce websites for B2B distributors and B2C retailers. Our unrivalled breadth and depth of knowledge, combined with a multichannel eCommerce platform help to increase online revenue and improve the entire customer journey.

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We are partnered with a number of leading companies to ensure that the technology platform and solution capabilities we offer add as much value as possible to our customers.


With over 20 years of experience, Maginus have delivered winning solutions for over 100 leading B2C and B2B customers. Here are just a few customers we've had the pleasure to work with.