Omnichannel Retail Solutions

A model of partnership, engagement and collaboration underpin our approach to delivering complex omnichannel retail solutions where multiple customer touchpoints need to combine with your supply chain in an integrated solution.

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Enterprise eCommerce Solutions

We develop content-led eCommerce solutions for mid-market and enterprise-level businesses seeking to provide a great buying experience using engaging content to highlight products.

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Wholesale Distribution Solutions

We help to realise the growth ambitions of modern Wholesale Distribution and Direct Commerce organisations by providing scalable, integrated Order Management, Warehouse Management and Fulfilment functionality.

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Solutions for High-Growth eCommerce Businesses


You’ve executed some great ideas and your online business is booming. With Maginus, you can take your business to the next level!

Maginus has worked with a wide range of online businesses from SMEs, enterprise-level and high-growth pure-play eCommerce businesses. Our many years’ experience ensures our solutions are delivered on time, on budget and make a demonstrable difference to your bottom line.



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Solutions for Businesses in Wholesale, Distribution and Trade


Wholesale is different than retail, so why settle for a system that isn’t fit for purpose?

Maginus has been a trusted supplier to the Wholesale and Direct Commerce Markets for more than 40 Years. As that market has evolved from catalogue, to call centre, to online, our solutions have changed to meet changing customer demands.

Our solutions can help you flex and stay ahead of the competition.


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Solutions for Established Omnichannel Retailers


The retail market has changed more in the last 5 years than in the previous 5 decades.

Despite having the heritage that comes from being an established retailer. If you’re not able to evolve and flex with each new demand of the ‘always-on’ consumer, then you won’t be here tomorrow.

Using our technology and experience we can help you implement a multichannel retail model to match their expectations.



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Digital Transformation in Wholesale 2016: The Magic in the Mix

How can wholesalers execute change in a digital future? The theme of our latest paper is that – for wholesalers – multichannel beats single-channel hands-down – the magic is in the mix. Furthermore, this can be achieved simply by doing great digital B2B wholesaling.


Download our report to gain insights from the best in Multichannel B2B including: B&Q Tradepoint, Wolseley, RS Components, ERA and Nisbets.


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